Thursday, January 2, 2014

Recent Media Appearances and Upcoming Events

Media Appearances
Recently, I had the privilege of appearing on two excellent radio programs: Bloomberg radio's popular program, "Taking Stock with Pimm Fox and Carol Massar" and "On The Money" with Steve Pomeranz, CFP, and an Internet based video interview -'s Authers' Note (see previous posting below). The interviews centered on what you might think they would: the markets and the economy, with a sprinkling of geo politics and market structure issues.

Here are the links to each of them:
* With yours truly
* With Don Rissmiller  (Chief Economist, Strategas Research Partners)
* With yours truly, again

Upcoming Events
My early 2014 events calendar is, as you will note below, fairly full. Most of the events are Market Forecast ones. If you are in the neighborhood, you may want to consider attending. Here are the events (links provided where available):

January 9 - New York Society of Security Analysts  featuring Rich Bernstein, Liz Ann Sonders, Phil Orlando, CFA, Sam Stovall, Dan Clifton, Joe Kalish with special interviewer Pimm Fox and a special presentation from Matt Orsagh, CFA

January 15 - CFA Society South Florida (Boca Raton)  featuring Ed Clissold, CFA, Glenn Reynolds, CFA
January 16 - CFA Society Louisiana (New Orleans)  featuring Don Rissmiller, Glenn Reynolds, CFA

January 26 - 29 - Inside ETFs conference(Hollywood, FL)  My segment is Tuesday, January 28 @ 4 PM eastern.

February 4 - CFA Society Phoenix  featuring Heidi Richardson, Jeffrey Sherman, Shane Shepherd
February 5 - CFA Society Tucson  featuring Don Rissmiller, Peter J. Petas, Jeffrey Sherman

February 11 - CFA Society Tampa Bay  featuring Jeffrey Saut, Glenn Reynolds, CFA, Tom Tzitzouris
February 13 - CFA Society Jacksonville  featuring Glenn Reynolds, CFA, Tom Tzitzouris